Jennifer Lynn Schiefer

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BACKGROUND A standardized reproducible animal model is desirable to gain a better understanding in the pathophysiology of frostbite injury and to develop novel therapies. Little has been studied about frostbite injury models. The depth and extent were not always being controllable and consistent. Therefore, we developed a frostbite injury model using the(More)
BACKGROUND While the arterial perfusion of the anterior abdominal wall has been extensively described in the literature, little has been published on the venous drainage of the deep inferior epigastric flap (DIEP). The present study was performed to further clarify the venous drainage of DIEP flap, which remains a common vascular complication of this flap.(More)
OBJECTIVE The standard therapy to treat superficial partial-thickness burns of the hand involves the application of skin substitutes such as Suprathel (PolyMedics Innovations GmbH, Denkendorf, Germany), which reduce pain significantly, thus allowing a fast mobilization and leading to a quicker restoration of function. The aim of this study was to simplify(More)
INTRODUCTION An ever-increasing number of commercially available dressings have been applied to treat superficial burns with the aim to reduce pain and inflammation and lead to a fast wound healing and scar reduction. Nevertheless the search for cheap and effective wound dressing proceeds. Dressilk® consisting of silkworm silk showed good results for wound(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of burns in the general population is high. Despite new research findings, skin burns and its resulting tissue damage are still not entirely understood. In particular, little is known about the depth-dependent alteration of skin biomechanical properties of these wounds. METHODS Thirty-six burn wounds with six different depths(More)
BACKGROUND To date, there are no valid statistics regarding the number of full time staff necessary for nursing care in emergency departments in Europe. MATERIAL AND METHODS Staff requirement calculations were performed using state-of-the art procedures which take both fluctuating patient volume and individual staff shortfall rates into consideration. In(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of acute cold injury has increased recently. Despite new research findings, these injuries and their resulting tissue damage are still not entirely understood. Especially, little is known about alteration of skin biomechanical properties. METHODS A total of 36 acute cold contact wounds with different depths were generated on the(More)
Chronic and complex full-thickness wounds have become increasingly prevalent. Besides autologous skin transplantation, innovative wound dressing products have gained interest, as the functional and esthetic outcome is still limited. In this respect, the effect of a novel modifiable collagen-gelatin fleece on the healing of deep dermal wounds was examined(More)
OBJECTIVE Mortality after chronic wounds is high. Thus, proper and effective therapy is of critical importance. Adult mammalian skin cannot regenerate spontaneously. It heals under scar formation in a process of repair. In general, wound closure is achieved through a combination of contraction, scar formation, and regeneration. To enhance wound healing,(More)
BACKGROUND Hemostatic procedures by means of electrical coagulation or application of topical agents are widely used to avoid postoperative bleeding during microsurgical reconstruction of peripheral nerves. It is speculated, however, that extensive hemostasis could provoke significant nerve damage. OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of 2 intraoperative(More)