Jennifer Lukes

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Synthetic cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors have recently been referred to as effective antiproliferative agents. This study was conducted to characterize clearance of a 3H-labeled, trisubstituted purine-type inhibitor, 8-[3H]bohemine [6-benzylamino-2-(3-hydroxypropylamino)-9-isopropylpurine], in mice. Radioactivity profiles were analyzed by liquid(More)
BACKGROUND 99mTc-labeled Q12 (99mTc-Q12) is a new imaging agent that produces myocardial visualization in humans. This study examined the hypothesis that a 100-minute rest-exercise tomographic imaging protocol after injection of 99mTc-Q12 can be used to detect the presence or absence of coronary artery stenoses. METHODS AND RESULTS Imaging with 201Tl and(More)
UNLABELLED Technetium-99m-Q3 is a myocardial imaging agent that produces prompt myocardial visualization in humans. METHODS In 19 patients with angiographic coronary artery disease, 2 patients with no angiographic coronary artery stenosis greater than 50% of the luminal diameter and 6 healthy volunteers, exercise and resting myocardial imaging were(More)
BACKGROUND The normal distribution of myocardial tracer activity is different in attenuation-corrected images compared with uncorrected images. We therefore postulated that quantitation of attenuation-corrected thallium 201 images with direct comparison to a database of healthy subjects could improve detection of coronary artery stenoses. METHODS AND(More)
The spliced leader RNA genes of Bodo saltans, Cryptobia helicis and Dimastigella trypaniformis were analyzed as molecular markers for additional taxa within the suborder Bodonina. The non-transcribed spacer regions were distinctive for each organism, and 5S rRNA genes were present in Bodo and Dimastigella but not in C. helicis. Two sequence classes of 5S(More)
Intestinal tissue samples of 9 cyprinid and gobiid fish species from several hatcheries and ponds in South Bohemia were found to harbour Goussia carpelli-like coccidian oocysts. Furthermore, laboratory transmission of Goussia carpelli, obtained from common carp, was attempted to 9 cyprinid fish species, both laboratory reared and obtained from pond(More)
BACKGROUND This study was a direct comparison of the imaging characteristics of 99mTc-labeled Q12 (99mTc-Q12) and 99mTc-labeled Q3 (99mTc-Q3) in the same patients. METHODS AND RESULTS In 10 patients with known angiographic coronary artery anatomy, 99mTc-Q12 and 99mTc-Q3 myocardial imaging were performed. Tomographic myocardial imaging was started 15(More)
1. Biotransformation pathways of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 6-benzylamino-2-(3-hydroxypropylamino)-9-isopropylpurine (bohemine) by mouse liver microsomes in vitro were investigated. 2. Metabolite profiles of [8-(3)H]-labelled bohemine were established by TLC/(3)H-autoradiography and enzymatic and MS analyses were used to elucidate the chemical(More)