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Beyond Timbuktu: An Intellectual History of Muslim West Africa
trepidation over the 80,000 former slaves suddenly freed. Several linked abolition to the spread of subversive Communism. The wealthy sugar planter Baron of Moniz Arag~ao lamented that, “with eachExpand
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Protecting Freeborn Muslims: The Sokoto Caliphate's Attempts to Prevent Illegal Enslavement and its Acceptance of the Strategy of Ransoming
This article builds upon previous work on the discourse of legal and illegal slavery in Islamic West Africa and on the issue of illegal enslavement as a major cause of the Sokoto jihad. It arguesExpand
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Intellectual discourse in the Sokoto Caliphate: the triumvirate's opinions on the issue of ransoming, ca. 1810
"The Shehu was the sun ... his younger brother was the moon . . . and Bello is their legatee."1Nana Asma'u, "Sonnore Abdullahi"Introduction"Islamic intellectual history," wrote David Gutelius, "isExpand
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Idealism and Pragmatism: The Related Muslim West African Discourses on Identity, Captivity and Ransoming
IntroductionAs has been demonstrated in recent scholarship, the ransoming of captives has been a widespread practice throughout West Africa.1 Underpinning ransoming practices, including who and how aExpand
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ABSTRACT This article builds upon previous work on the impact of ransoming on processes of captivity, enslavement, and slavery in West Africa. Ransoming is defined as the release of a captive priorExpand
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Maintaining Network Boundaries: Islamic Law and Commerce from Sahara to Guinea Shores
One of the intriguing questions concerning the trans-Atlantic slave trade was why the West African interior did not supply more slaves to the slave trade than it did when, theoretically, the regionExpand
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Introduction: Ransoming Practices in Africa: Past and Present
The expectation of ransom, and therefore the study of ransoming, highlights the relationship between captivity, enslavement, and slavery. All societies had norms regarding who could be legally, andExpand
Robert H. Taylor ed., The Idea of Freedom in Asia and Africa . Stanford, CA (Stanford University Press) 2002. xii + 329 pp. ISBN 0-804-74514-5.
picture of the life of the VOC people in Coromandel. On the other hand, they skew the picture of life in that place. The person always referred to in the Dutch sources as 'the Governor of Coromandel'Expand