Jennifer Lennon

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Most informed educators agree that e-Learning should create a paradigm shift away from traditional teaching models, yet in practice this is extremely difficult to achieve. Typically, teachers use computer networks (internet or intranets) mainly for email, dissemination of information that frequently just mirrors traditional book material, assignments, and(More)
Measles hemagglutinin-inhibiting and neutralizing antibody titers are lower in women young enough to have been immunized by vaccination than in older women. In the children of both young and older mothers the antibody is concentrated 1.7-fold across the placenta, and the child's initial titer remains proportional to that of its mother. The transferred(More)
At first sight, knowledge management for poverty-stricken countries appears to be a contradiction in terms. It sounds "high-tech" and not very applicable for "third world" countries that may not possess the necessary infrastructure. However, the aim of the paper is to show that this is not only false but that Knowledge Management (KM) has a big role to(More)