Jennifer Leigh Griffith

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Animal models with complex cortical development are useful for improving our understanding of the wide spectrum of neurodevelopmental challenges facing human preterm infants. MRI techniques can define both cerebral injury and alterations in cerebral development with translation between animal models and the human infant. We hypothesized that the immature(More)
INTRODUCTION Cerebral white-matter (WM) abnormalities on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) correlate with neurodevelopmental disability in infants born prematurely. RESULTS Quantitative histological measures of WM and ventricular volumes correlated with qualitative MRI scores of WM volume loss and ventriculomegaly. Diffuse astrocytosis was associated with(More)
Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is a genetic condition associated with severe, early-onset chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, there is significant variability in lung function impairment among persons with the protease inhibitor ZZ genotype. Early identification of persons at highest risk of developing lung disease could be beneficial in(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic hypoxia in rodents induces white matter (WM) injury similar to that in human preterm infants. We used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and immunohistochemistry to study the impact of hypoxia in the immature ferret at two developmental time points relevant to the preterm and term brain. RESULTS On ex vivo imaging, the apparent diffusion(More)
Clorazepate frequently can control symptoms in complex partial seizure disorders with psychic symptomatology at dosages less than those recommended for its use as an adjunctive anticonvulsant. Four case examples illustrate this use. These beneficial effects may reflect a heightened response by limbic seizure foci to the anticonvulsant effects of(More)
This study examines social support and sexual interest among coupled persons aged 57 to 85 in North America. Using quantitative data from the 2006 National, Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (n = 3,005), the dependent variable is sexual interest and the independent variable is social support received from an intimate partner. Using survey and(More)
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