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We characterize the appearance of a constitutive promoter element in the commonly used cI repressor-encoding BioBrick BBa_C0051. We have termed this promoter element pKAT. Full pKAT activity is created by the ordered assembly of sequences in BBa_C0051 downstream of the cI gene encoding the 11 amino acid LVA proteolytic degradation tag, a BioBrick standard(More)
Common and specific amygdala-function perturbations in 2 depressed versus anxious adolescents" (2009). ABSTRACT 41 Context: Few studies directly compare amygdala function in depressive and anxiety disorders. 42 Data from longitudinal research emphasize the need for such studies in adolescents. 43 Objective: To compare amygdala response to varying attention(More)
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli and related food and waterborne pathogens pose significant threats to human health. These attaching/effacing microbes infect the apical surface of intestinal epithelial cells (IEC), causing severe diarrheal disease. Colonizing the intestinal luminal surface helps segregate these microbes from most host inflammatory(More)
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