Jennifer Langlois

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Recently, several papers have investigated color-induced olfactory biases in wine tasting. In particular, Morrot et al. reported that visual information mostly drove wine description and that odor information was relatively unimportant in wine tasting. The present paper aims to study the relationship between the color of wine and its odor through a(More)
We report a listening test conducted to investigate the validity of sinusoids+noise synthesis models for interior aircraft sounds. Two models were evaluated, one for monaural signals and the other for binaural signals. A parameter common to both models is the size of the analysis/synthesis window. This size determines the computation cost, and the(More)
—A method for spectral and spatial multichannel analysis/synthesis of interior aircraft sounds is presented. We propose two extensions of the classical sinusoids+noise model, adapted to multichannel stationary sounds. First, a spectral estimator is described, using average information across channels for spectral peak detection. Second, the residual(More)
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