Jennifer L. Weston

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Little is known about the epidemiology of Neospora caninum in wild mammal populations. It has been suggested that a sylvatic cycle exists for N. caninum. Dogs and potentially other canids are a definitive host for N. caninum. The present study was done to determine the prevalence of antibodies to N. caninum in a population of gray foxes (Urocyon(More)
In this study, a corpus of essays stratified by level (9th grade, 11th grade, and college freshman) are analyzed computationally to discriminate differences between the linguistic features produced in essays by adolescents and young adults. The automated tool Coh-Metrix is used to examine to what degree essays written at various grade levels can be(More)
We report on the development of what we consider to be a practical and highly stable stretched-pulse laser based on Yb(3+) -doped silica fiber. The Fabry-Perot cavity uses nonlinear polarization rotation as the mode-locking mechanism, and a semiconductor saturable-absorber mirror to ensure robust self-starting and incorporates a diffraction grating pair to(More)
Natural language processing and statistical methods were used to identify linguistic features associated with the quality of student-generated paragraphs. Linguistic features were assessed using Coh-Metrix. The resulting computational models demonstrated small to medium effect sizes for predicting paragraph quality: introduction quality r2 = .25, body(More)
Cytoplasmic islet cell antibodies, as detected by anti-IgG (ICAb), and circulating immune complexes (AgAb), detected by the solid phase C1q test (C1qSP), were evaluated in 153 insulin dependent diabetics (IDD) at diagnosis and subsequently in 88 of these patients who were studied prospectively at regular intervals for up to 3 yr. AgAb detected by the(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the expression of heregulin-alpha (a new member of the epidermal growth factor family) and its receptor erbB-3 in human prostate cancer by immunohistochemistry, and to analyse their implication for clinical outcome. PATIENTS AND METHODS Using specific anti-peptide antibodies, tumour samples from 50 consecutive patients with newly(More)
Tomato lectin can be rapidly separated from a crude extract of tomato fruit proteins by chromatofocusing. The lectin is recovered from a PBE94 column in two peaks, each with a specific activity comparable to that of lectin purified by affinity chromatography on ovomucoid-Sepharose. Both isolectins consist of a single polypeptide chain (Mr 68,000) and have(More)
Current computer-based tools for writing instruction show high scoring accuracy but uncertain instructional efficacy. One explanation is that these systems may not effectively communicate valid and appropriate formative feedback. In this paper, we describe an exploratory method for developing feedback algorithms that are grounded in writing pedagogy. The(More)