Jennifer L. Solberg

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This study investigated the possibility of sex differences in spatial frequency processing by measuring contrast sensitivity and reaction time to spatial frequency in the same 20 men and 20 women. This is the first study to investigate sex differences in reaction time to spatial frequency and the first to study sex differences in contrast sensitivity and(More)
Representational momentum is a positive memory distortion for an object's final position following the presentation of an implied event (J.J. Freyd, 1987). Positive memory distortions occur when observers accept test positions beyond the final presented position, or forward along the implied trajectory, as the same more readily than positions behind the(More)
Two experiments explored a possible relationship between mental rotation and representational momentum, a task in which participants were asked to remember an object's position following a sequence of images implying motion. Typically, participants misremember the position as distorted forward along the implied trajectory. If representational momentum(More)
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