Jennifer L Sloan

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A Na(+)-dependent neutral and cationic amino acid transport system (B(0+)) plays an important role in many cells and tissues; however, the molecular basis for this transport system is still unknown. To identify new transporters, the expressed sequence tag database was queried, and cDNA fragments with sequence similarity to the Na(+)/Cl(-)-dependent(More)
Methylmalonic acidemia is an autosomal recessive inborn error of metabolism caused by defective activity of methylmalonyl-CoA mutase (MUT) that exhibits multiorgan system pathology. To examine whether mitochondrial dysfunction is a feature of this organic acidemia, a background-modified Mut-knockout mouse model was constructed and used to examine(More)
Expansins are cell wall proteins implicated in the control of plant growth via loosening of the extracellular matrix. They are encoded by a large gene family, and data linked to loss of single gene function to support a role of expansins in leaf growth remain limited. Here, we provide a quantitative growth analysis of transgenics containing an inducible(More)
Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is a common disorder that arises secondary to mutations in the tumor suppressor gene NF1. Glomus tumors are small, benign but painful tumors that originate from the glomus body, a thermoregulatory shunt concentrated in the fingers and toes. We report 11 individuals with NF1 who harbored 20 glomus tumors of the fingers and 1 in(More)
We used exome sequencing to identify the genetic basis of combined malonic and methylmalonic aciduria (CMAMMA). We sequenced the exome of an individual with CMAMMA and followed up with sequencing of eight additional affected individuals (cases). This included one individual who was identified and diagnosed by searching an exome database. We identify(More)
BACKGROUND Atrazine is a triazine herbicide used widely in the United States. Although it is an animal carcinogen, the mechanism in rodents does not appear to operate in humans. Few epidemiologic studies have provided evidence for an association. METHODS The Agricultural Health Study (AHS) is a prospective cohort that includes 57,310 licensed pesticide(More)
Mutations in methylmalonyl-CoA mutase cause methylmalonic acidemia, a common organic aciduria. Current treatment regimens rely on dietary management and, in severely affected patients, liver or combined liver-kidney transplantation. For undetermined reasons, transplantation does not correct the biochemical phenotype. To study the metabolic disturbances seen(More)
OBJECTIVE Methylmalonic acidemia (MMA) is a metabolic disorder with a poorly defined long-term neurocognitive phenotype. We studied the neuropsychological outcomes of patients and examined clinical covariates that influenced cognition. METHODS A diverse cohort with mut, cblA, or cblB subtypes of isolated MMA (N = 43), ages 2 to 32 years, were evaluated at(More)
Effective decision-making requires consideration of costs and benefits. Previous studies have implicated orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), and anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) in cost-benefit decision-making. Yet controversy remains about whether different decision costs are encoded by different brain areas, and whether(More)
We report 40 cases in one family of an autosomal dominant bone dysplasia, which, though similar in some aspects to Paget's disease, seems unique in some features and in its natural history. The disease shows both general and focal skeletal changes, the latter being mainly in the limbs with an onset from the second decade. Progressive osteoclastic resorption(More)