Jennifer L. Schroeder

Carolyn R Garver2
Madhukar H Trivedi2
Alonzo A Andrews2
Danny G Johnson2
2Carolyn R Garver
2Madhukar H Trivedi
2Alonzo A Andrews
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The study was undertaken to evaluate the nature of sensory dysfunction in persons with autism. The cross-sectional study examined auditory, visual, oral, and touch sensory processing, as measured by the Sensory Profile, in 104 persons with a diagnosis of autism, 3-56 years of age, gender-and age-matched to community controls. Persons with autism had(More)
This study examined the relationship between auditory, visual, touch, and oral sensory dysfunction in autism and their relationship to multisensory dysfunction and severity of autism. The Sensory Profile was completed on 104 persons with a diagnosis of autism, 3 to 56 years of age. Analysis showed a significant correlation between the different processing(More)
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