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To determine whether R282 in transmembrane segment 7 (TMS7) of hPepT1 forms a salt bridge with D341 in TMS8. Mutated hPepT1 transporters containing point mutations at R282 and/or D341 were transiently transfected into HEK293 cells. Their steady state expression and functional activity were measured using immunoprecipitation and 3H-gly-sar uptake,(More)
The human intestinal dipeptide transporter (hPepT1) transports dipeptides and pharmacologically active drugs from the intestine to the blood. The role of transmembrane domain 3 (TMD3) of hPepT1 was studied using cysteine-scanning mutagenesis and methane thiosulfonate (MTS) cysteine modification. Each amino acid in TMD3 was individually mutated to a cysteine(More)
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