Jennifer L. Rotondo

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Cross-correlation and most other longitudinal analyses assume that the association between 2 variables is stationary. Thus, a sample of occasions of measurement is expected to be representative of the association between variables regardless of the time of onset or number of occasions in the sample. The authors propose a method to analyze the association(More)
Mirror symmetry between individuals is a behavioral phenomenon that is commonly observed in conversation: individuals tend to mimic each other’s postures and gestures as a part of a shared dialog. The present work studies the process of symmetry building and symmetry breaking in the movements of pairs of individuals while imitating each others’ movements in(More)
Rechargeable nickel-zinc batteries are being developed for consumer and mobile applications such as electric bicycles, scooters and hybrid and electric vehicles. Nickel-zinc cycle life performance has been improved through the development of a reduced solubility zinc electrode. Deep cycle capability has been increased to 600 cycles while maintaining a high(More)
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