Jennifer L Nguyen

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IMPORTANCE Cardiovascular deaths and influenza epidemics peak during winter in temperate regions. OBJECTIVES To quantify the temporal association between population increases in seasonal influenza infections and mortality due to cardiovascular causes and to test if influenza incidence indicators are predictive of cardiovascular mortality during the(More)
BACKGROUND The few previous studies on the onset of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and meteorologic conditions have focused on outdoor temperature and hospital admissions, but hospital admissions are a crude indicator of atrial fibrillation incidence, and studies have found other weather measures in addition to temperature to be associated with(More)
Outdoor ambient weather has been hypothesized to be responsible for the seasonal distribution of cardiac arrhythmias. Because people spend most of their time indoors, we hypothesized that weather-related arrhythmia risk would be better estimated using an indoor measure or an outdoor measure that correlates well with indoor conditions, such as absolute(More)
The health consequences of heat and cold are usually evaluated based on associations with outdoor measurements collected at a nearby weather reporting station. However, people in the developed world spend little time outdoors, especially during extreme temperature events. We examined the association between indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity in a(More)
Another academic year is coming to a close and spring is finally here! Despite the cold and snowy winter weather, EHS has many successes to celebrate. First, I am delighted to continue to share the impressive accomplishments of our MPH and doctoral students. For example, Felicia Castriota, Erika Eitland, and Augusta Williams have been accepted to doctoral(More)
  • J L Nguyen, H T Kimball, Jeffrey L Finally, Ericka Edleson, Hoa T Kimball, Nguyen
  • 2011
a collaborative effort of the Avon Foundation for Women and two centers at the University of Minnesota: the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse (MINCAVA) and the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare (CASCW). Honor Our Voices is a multi-faceted effort to increase the awareness and sensitivity of shelter advocates and other social service(More)
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