Jennifer L. Newbrey

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Public pressure to reduce or eliminate antimicrobials as ingredients of feed for poultry and other agricultural animals is mounting, primarily due to the fear of multidrug-resistant bacteria in clinical infections in both animals and humans. Exploration of the occurrence of antibiotic resistance in the gut flora of wildlife avian flocks that presumptively(More)
We used stable isotope analysis of carbon and nitrogen to investigate the trophic relationships of Western (Aechmophorus occidentalis (Lawrence)) and Red-necked (Podiceps grisegena (Boddaert)) Grebes from Lake Wabamun, a large prairie lake in north-central Alberta, Canada. We collected tissue samples (i.e., pectoralis muscles and primary feathers) from 42(More)
Restored wetlands are commonly assessed as avian breeding habitat using surveys, but data on reproductive parameters are needed to better understand how restoration affects wetland-dependent bird populations. A novel way to assess differences in breeding habitat quality is to compare the maternal allocation of carotenoids (i.e., biologically active yellow,(More)
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