Jennifer L. Merluzzi

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We develop a comprehensive, multi-level model of income inequality between high earner men and women during the early career stages. We argue that young women are routinely subjected to "gender profiling" by employers-women's potential contribution to the organization is interpreted through the lens of social stereotypes and cultural norms that attribute to(More)
Evidence on the returns to brokerage networks predominately comes from studies of firms located in the United States. Analyses conducted in other countries have noted differences in how social capital may be valued questioning whether brokerage networks yield economic advantage in less individualistic contexts such as Asia. Using network data on employees(More)
How many names are enough to reveal network effects using a name generator for network analysis? We analyze network data from two large organizations varying in complexity. We ask how much the network association with achievement is strengthened by adding another name to the recorded list of each person's sociometric citations. We conclude that five names(More)
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