Jennifer L. Martin

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To record sleep, actigraph devices are worn on the wrist and record movements that can be used to estimate sleep parameters with specialized algorithms in computer software programs. With the recent establishment of a Current Procedural Terminology code for wrist actigraphy, this technology is being used increasingly in clinical settings as actigraphy has(More)
Munc18-1 and Syntaxin1 are essential proteins for SNARE-mediated neurotransmission. Munc18-1 participates in synaptic vesicle fusion via dual roles: as a docking/chaperone protein by binding closed Syntaxin1, and as a fusion protein that binds SNARE complexes in a Syntaxin1 N-peptide dependent manner. The two roles are associated with a closed-open(More)
Sulfonation is an important reaction in the metabolism of numerous xenobiotics, drugs, and endogenous compounds. A supergene family of enzymes called sulfotransferases (SULTs) catalyze this reaction. In most cases, the addition of a sulfonate moiety to a compound increases its water solubility and decreases its biological activity. However, many of these(More)
We introduce a family of non-linear transformations of the traditional cosine curve used in the modelling of biological rhythms. The non-linear transformation is the sigmoidal family, represented here by three family members: the Hill function, the anti-logistic function, and the arctangent function. These transforms add two additional parameters that must(More)
Behavioral scientists have increasingly included inflammatory biology as mechanisms in their investigation of psychosocial dynamics on the pathobiology of disease. However, a lack of standardization of inclusion and exclusion criteria and assessment of relevant control variables impacts the interpretation of these studies. The present paper reviews and(More)
Measuring and fulfilling user requirements during medical device development will result in successful products that improve patient safety, improve device effectiveness and reduce product recalls and modifications. Medical device users are an extremely heterogeneous group and for any one device the users may include patients and their carers as well as(More)
Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) in Alzheimer's disease (AD) are widespread and disabling. This has been known since Dr. Alois Alzheimer's first case, Frau Auguste D., presented with emotional distress and delusions of infidelity/excessive jealousy, followed by cognitive symptoms. Being cognizant of this, in 2010 the Alzheimer's Association convened a(More)
There is a pressing need for the archiving and curation of raw X-ray diffraction data. This information is critical for validation, methods development and improvement of archived structures. However, the relatively large size of these data sets has presented challenges for storage in a single worldwide repository such as the Protein Data Bank archive. This(More)
BACKGROUND Crystallization is a major bottleneck in the process of macromolecular structure determination by X-ray crystallography. Successful crystallization requires the formation of nuclei and their subsequent growth to crystals of suitable size. Crystal growth generally occurs spontaneously in a supersaturated solution as a result of homogenous(More)
Investigations into the roles of Ca(2+) and Zn(2+) in cell biology have been facilitated by the development of sensitive fluorometric probes that have enabled the measurement of Ca(2+) or Zn(2+) in both extracellular and intracellular environments. It is critical to be aware of the specificity and relative selectivity of a probe for the targeted ion. Here,(More)