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BACKGROUND Older people are commonly prescribed complex multi-drug regimens while also experiencing declines in the cognitive and physical abilities required for medication management, leading to increased risk of medication errors and need for assisted living. The purpose of this study was to review published instruments designed to assess patients'(More)
PURPOSE Computerized Decision Support Systems have been shown to improve clinicians' performance. Clinicians' adoption of these systems is crucial for their success. Studying clinicians' perceptions can provide an insight into the determinants of clinicians' adoption of such systems. The aim of this study was to measure clinicians' perceptions of ease of(More)
OBJECTIVES To test the impact of a hospital pharmacist-prepared interim residential care medication administration chart (IRCMAC) on medication administration errors and use of locum medical services after discharge from hospital to residential care. DESIGN Prospective pre-intervention and post-intervention study. SETTING One major acute care hospital(More)
BACKGROUND There has been a recent increase in weight management services available in pharmacies across Australia and England. The aim of this study was to determine the following between women in Victoria and Nottingham: similarities and differences of what weight management options are preferred by women pharmacy consumers; how they feel about(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure clinicians' perceptions of barriers and facilitators to the adoption of a Computerised Decision Support System (CDSS) for antibiotic approval, and to examine the correlation between these perceptions and actual usage of the system by clinicians. METHODS This study was conducted in a tertiary care university hospital of Melbourne,(More)
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