Jennifer L. Kreinbrink

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BACKGROUND The amount of resistance provided by the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) to axial tibial rotation remains controversial. The goal of this study was to test the primary hypotheses that ACL transection would not significantly affect tibial rotation under the large impulsive loads associated with a simulated pivot landing but would increase(More)
BACKGROUND Arthrogenic quadriceps muscle inhibition accompanies knee joint effusion and impedes rehabilitation after knee joint injury. HYPOTHESIS We hypothesized that an experimentally induced knee joint effusion would cause arthrogenic quadriceps muscle inhibition and lead to increased ground reaction forces, as well as sagittal plane knee angles and(More)
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries most frequently occur under the large loads associated with a unipedal jump landing involving a cutting or pivoting maneuver. We tested the hypotheses that internal tibial torque would increase the anteromedial (AM) bundle ACL relative strain and strain rate more than would the corresponding external tibial torque(More)
CONTEXT Physical activity may affect the concentrations of circulating endogenous hormones in female athletes. Understanding the relationship between athletic and physical activity and circulating female hormone concentrations is critical. OBJECTIVE To test the hypotheses that (1) the estradiol-progesterone profile of high school adolescent girls(More)
1 Background: The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) revised their breast cancer screening recommendations in 2009 changing their stance on age and frequency of mammography screening to biannual exams starting at age 50. The purpose of this study is to analyze data from a statewide breast cancer registry managed by the Michigan Breast Oncology(More)
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