Jennifer L. Jackson

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2010 c ⃝ 2010 Il " Memming " Park 2 Dedicated to Kurt Gödel 3 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It would be only appropriate to thank my advisor Dr. José Carlos Santos Carvalho Príncipe first for his guidance and lessons not only for research but for life in general. A lot of people helped me get through my journey of graduate school, and perhaps my attempt to properly thank(More)
This paper characterizes the moment measurement accuracy for a novel parallel spherical robot (SR) for dynamic posturography, controllable by position or impedance. The SR consists of three linear motors placed on a support base, a moving base, and three passive arms equipped with uniaxial load cells permitting impedance controlled perturbations. To(More)
coexistence of medical devices is becoming more and more prevalent. Healthcare is among the most mobile work environments where clinicians need timely access to data in order to deliver efficient and effective care. Optimizing patient flow requires just-in-time delivery of medical devices at the point of care with seamless connectivity to both electronic(More)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), organized in 1970, has evolved into an agency that establishes national policies and manages and conserves our oceanic, coastal, and atmospheric resources. An organizational element within NOAA, the Office of Fisheries is responsible for fisheries policy and the direction of the National Marine(More)
A qualitative intervention was used to explore how older adults living in a long-term care environment (nursing home) understand hope and experience being participants in a group in which a hope intervention was carried out. A group project in which each session focused intentionally on a hope strategy was carried out with a convenience sample of 10 women(More)
Assessing the relationship of education level and medication adherence with patients' perception of autonomous support by health-care provides in a sample of low incomes African Americans with diabetes James Thompson McMurtrie, MS3 Hematocrit, blood transfusion, and outcomes in patients with coronary stents and cardiac risk factors undergoing surgery In(More)
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