Jennifer L Hoyt

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Two experiments examined the role of valuing the welfare of a person in need as an antecedent of empathic concern. Specifically, these experiments explored the relation of such valuing to a well-known antecedent--perspective taking. In Experiment 1, both perspective taking and valuing were manipulated, and each independently increased empathic concern,(More)
A simplified technique relating individual heparin dose to desired anticoagulant effect was used in 152 patients during cardiac surgery. Activated clotting time (act) was measured by semi-automated technique (Hemochron) before and after heparin, 200 U/kg I.V. Two point linear dose-response curve allowed calculation of any additional heparin required for(More)
Hemodynamic, pulmonary, and renal variables were measured in 24 patients scheduled for major abdominal aortic operations. Control values were obtained before preoperative medications were given. All patients received 5% dextrose in Lactated Ringer's solution intraoperatively. Postoperatively, group 1 patients received 5% dextrose in water plus albumin,(More)
Circulatory and respiratory effects of change of posture from sitting to supine were studied in 11 obese patients scheduled for gastric bypass operations. Patients were studied on the morning of operation before any medication was given. Average weight was 138.8 kg, 108.6 per cent above ideal weight. Change of posture from sitting to supine was associated(More)
One hundred consecutive patients were randomly given hypocarbic (PaCO2 less than 25 torr) or hypercarbic (PaCO2 greater than 60 torr) general anesthesia during carotid endarterectomy to test the effect of the two regimens upon the incidence of postoperative neurological deficit. An indwelling shunt was not used. One patient died, two have permanent(More)
Four commercially available fortified sera were compared to fetal bovine serum (FBS) with regard to their ability to maintain or increase the sensitivity of the Buffalo green monkey (BGM) kidney cell line to viral infection. Nine virus strains and five wastewater samples were used. Fortified sera were comparable to FBS for the enumeration of some viruses by(More)
Manifestations of carbon monoxide poisoning are mostly attributable to acute hypoxic insult. In the absence of immediately available hyperbaric oxygen chamber, 100% oxygen should be delivered to the patient until carboxyhemoglobin levels in the blood are less than 5%. Presence of abnormal motor activity or prolonged abnormal consciousness are indications(More)