Jennifer L Holm

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Diffusion modelling has shown that conservative demographic traits combined with feeding competition could explain red squirrel replacement by grey squirrels. We used field data from seven separate red and grey squirrel populations, in oak-hazel woods and Scots pines, to reject the hypothesis that red squirrel density and breeding is intrinsically poorer(More)
Glucose and insulin responses to bread products were evaluated in healthy subjects. Also studied were the rate of in vitro starch digestion and the content of in vitro resistant starch (RS). Three white-wheat-bread (WWB) products varying in crust-crumb ratio and monoglyceride addition, three bread products with a high soluble fiber content (HSFB), and two(More)
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (population 190,400) treats its sewage at a modern sewage treatment plant (STP) on Wascana Creek. In the winter, treated sewage effluent makes up almost 100% of stream flow. Four surveys conducted from 2005 to 2007, in differing seasons, indicated significantly higher nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) concentrations at sites(More)
Glycemic response after ingestion of starchy foods varies. Starch in many common ready-to-eat foods is only partly gelatinized. In view of this, the relationships among degree of starch gelatinization, in vitro digestion rate, and in vivo metabolic response in rats were studied. Wheat starch with different degrees of gelatinization was used in the(More)
Starch fractions that are more or less enzyme resistant may behave like dietary fibre, both physiologically and analytically. Ungelatinized granules from potatoes, high amylose maize and green bananas are poorly digested. Starch made resistant to amylase due to new covalent bindings, formed at heat treatment or present in starch derivatives used as food(More)
Recent worldwide surveys have not only established incomplete removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) by sewage treatment plants, but also their presence in surface waters receiving treated sewage effluent. Those aquatic systems where sewage effluent dominates flow are thought to be at the highest risk for ecosystem level changes. The(More)
Treatment for hemorrhagic shock secondary to a spontaneous hemoperitoneum includes restoration of IV volume and surgical control of hemorrhage. This study was designed to determine if limited fluid volume resuscitation (LFVR) with hypertonic saline (HS) and hyperoncotic fluids (hydroxyethylstarch [HES]) results in more rapid cardiovascular stabilization in(More)
Stable pluripotent feeder-free propagation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) prior to their therapeutic applications remains a major challenge. Matrigel™ (BD Singapore) is a murine sarcoma-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) widely used as a cell-free support combined with conditioned or chemically defined media; however, inherent xenogenic and(More)
The effects of different thermal processes used to produce ready-to-eat cereals on the glycemic response to whole grain wheat were investigated in rats. The metabolic response to drum dried flour, which constitutes the major component in instant gruel and porridge, was also studied in healthy human subjects. Boiled flour was used for comparison. The degree(More)