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Most nutrient enrichment studies in aquatic systems have focused on autotrophic food webs in systems where primary producers dominate the resource base. We tested the heterotrophic response to long-term nutrient enrichment in a forested, headwater stream. Our study design consisted of 2 years of pretreatment data in a reference and treatment stream and 2(More)
We maintained elevated but moderate concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus continuously for 2 years in a heavily shaded headwater stream and compared effects on stream periphyton with a reference stream. Both streams were sampled for 1 year before treatment. Some measures of periphyton biomass (ash-free dry mass and chlorophyll a) responded positively to(More)
Responses of detrital pathways to nutrients may differ fundamentally from pathways involving living plants: basal carbon resources can potentially decrease rather than increase with nutrient enrichment. Despite the potential for nutrients to accelerate heterotrophic processes and fluxes of detritus, few studies have examined detritus-nutrient dynamics at(More)
It is argued that the structures and processes of traditional patterns of pre-registration nurse education in the United Kingdom led to an apparent and relative desensitization of student nurses to human need. The processes underpinning this apparent desensitization were those which promoted both a 'compartmentalization' of concepts for theory and concepts(More)
The common-sense construction of Buddhism is that of a general power for good; the less positive aspects of Buddhism's power, especially when reinforced by folklore and ancient superstition, is infrequently recognised. In this article we make explicit Buddhism's less positive power, particularly as it relates to the status of women and, by implication, its(More)
Action research aims to generate and test action theories and thereby to develop and potentially emancipate practitioners. The precise nature of such action theories and what their generation and validation can potentially develop in practitioners are described. The possible costs of emancipatory action for nurses and a novel and potentially powerful(More)
Despite the importance of peatlands, the algal ecology of peatlands and the periphyton communities which are abundant in these habitats are relatively understudied. We performed an in situ manipulation of pH in an intermediate fen in northern lower Michigan in order to examine how hydrogen ion concentrations structure an epiphytic algal community. Levels of(More)
Although it is generally acknowledged that symbolic interactionism and grounded theory are connected, the precise nature of their connection remains implicit and unexplained. As a result, many grounded theory studies are undertaken without an explanatory framework. This in turn results in the description rather than the explanation of data determined. In(More)
BACKGROUND A network of nine Clinical Development Units (Nursing) (CDU(N)) were recently created in the Western Sydney Area Health Service. These units are designed to develop patient-focused nursing practice through group process and action research, based on principles of transformational leadership. AIMS OF THE STUDY Although there is documented(More)
Dominant approaches to reflective practice and experiential learning in Australia and the United Kingdom seem to reflect a limited view of the functions of practice and feedback in human learning. These functions will be described from a cognitive psychological perspective and the weaknesses of such approaches discussed. It will be argued that Schönian(More)