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The empathy-altruism hypothesis claims that prosocial motivation associated with feeling empathy for a person in need is directed toward the ultimate goal of benefiting that person, not toward some subtle form of self-benefit. We explored two new egoistic alternatives to this hypothesis. The empathy-specific reward hypothesis proposes that the prosocial(More)
Keywords: Media in education Multimedia/hypermedia systems Post-secondary education Distance education and telelearning Pedagogical issues a b s t r a c t iTunes University, a website with downloadable educational podcasts, can provide students the opportunity to obtain professors' lectures when students are unable to attend class. To determine the(More)
This study determined the response time (RT) for subjects to comprehend eight different BASIC statements and eight corresponding English procedural statements. First, there was no significant interaction between language and statement, and there was a high correlation (r = .85) between English and BASIC RT performance. Second, the microstructure of each(More)
The principles of cognitive psychology and human factors have been successfully applied to many aspects of human-computer interaction. Nevertheless, programming remains a difficult task. Researchers suggest that programming is a cognitively demanding task because of its inherent problem-solving nature (Nickerson, 1986; Anderson, 1985). Previous work has(More)
(1988). Five studies testing two new egoistic alternatives to the empathy-altruism hypothesis. (2004). Cognitions associated with attempts to empathize: How do we imagine the perspective of another? 1 The views expressed in these documents, websites, or other products do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the U.S. Department of Health and(More)
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