Jennifer L. Clark

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BACKGROUND Responses to public health need require information on the distribution of mental and physical ill health by demographic and socioeconomic factors at the local community level. METHODS The South East London Community Health (SELCoH) study is a community psychiatric and physical morbidity survey. Trained interviewers conducted face-to-face(More)
In 2012, the lower anogenital squamous terminology (LAST) project introduced new nomenclature for human papillomavirus-related squamous lesions of the lower genital tract: low-grade and high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LSIL and HSIL). Biomarker p16(INK4a) immunohistochemistry (IHC) was also recommended to assist classification: block-like(More)
Proinsulin, a single-chain precursor of insulin, has been detected in biosynthetic studies in vitro,(1-4) and in crystalline preparations of insulin from several species.(1, 5-7) It appears that proinsulin normally serves neither as a major storage nor secretory form of the hormone.(8) Its primary functions seems to be to facilitate the efficient formation(More)
BACKGROUND Reliance on national figures may be underestimating the extent of mental ill health in urban communities. This study demonstrates the necessity for local information on common mental disorder (CMD) and substance use by comparing data from the South East London Community Health (SELCoH) study with those from a national study, the 2007 English(More)
The case reports of 40 patients with obstructive esophageal cancer treated with electrofulguration (EF) or neodymium (Nd)-YAG laser were reviewed. Surgery was contraindicated because of advanced carcinoma (17 patients), recurrence after resection (13 patients), recurrence after irradiation (four patients), and poor medical condition (four). Two patients(More)