Jennifer L Blanchfield

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Cytokine-Ag fusion proteins represent a novel approach for induction of Ag-specific tolerance and may constitute an efficient therapy for autoimmune disease. This study addressed whether a fusion protein containing rat IFN-beta and the encephalitogenic 73-87 determinant of myelin basic protein (i.e., the neuroantigen, or NAg) could prevent or treat(More)
Vaccination strategies that elicit antigen-specific tolerance are needed as therapies for autoimmune disease. This study focused on whether cytokine-neuroantigen (NAg) fusion proteins could inhibit disease in chronic murine models of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) and thus serve as potential therapeutic modalities for multiple sclerosis. A(More)
Cytokine-NAg fusion proteins represent an emerging platform for specific targeting of self-antigen to particular APC subsets as a means to achieve antigen-specific immunological tolerance. This study focused on cytokine-NAg fusion proteins that targeted NAg to myeloid APC. Fusion proteins contained GM-CSF or the soluble extracellular domain of M-CSF as the(More)
The capacity to probe antigen specific T cells within the polyclonal repertoire has been revolutionized by the advent of recombinant peptide:MHC (pMHC) technology. Monomers and multimers of pMHC molecules can enrich for and identify antigen specific T cells to elucidate the contributions of T cell frequency, localization, and T cell receptor (TCR) affinity(More)
Although B cells are traditionally known for their role in propagating proinflammatory immune responses, their immunosuppressive effects have only recently begun to be appreciated. How these regulatory B cells (Bregs) suppress the immune response remains to be worked out in detail. In this article, we show that Bregs can induce the formation of conventional(More)
Myelin-specific induction of tolerance represents a promising means to modify the course of autoimmune inflammatory demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). Our laboratory has focused on a novel preclinical strategy for the induction of tolerance to the major encephalitogenic epitopes of myelin that cause experimental autoimmune(More)
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