Jennifer L Bittner

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We describe the CoJACK cognitive architecture. It is designed to provide an intuitive, high level behaviour representation language that exhibits variability across individuals and across time for use in synthetic environments. The included moderator layer enables modelling of physiological factors and affect. We report initial results of an investigation(More)
We report a high-level architecture, CoJACK, that provides insights on behavior variability, situation awareness, and behavioral moderators. CoJACK combines Beliefs/Desires/Intentions (BDI) agents’ high-level knowledge representation and usability with several aspects of low level cognitive architectures, including processing time predictions, errors, and(More)
The visual system can be highly influenced by changes to visual presentation. Thus, numerous techniques have been developed to augment imagery in an attempt to improve human perception. The current paper examines the potential impact of one such enhancement, multispectral image fusion, where imagery captured in varying spectral bands (e.g., visible,(More)
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