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In this study we examined the evolution of the genes for three organelle-localized small heat shock proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana: the chloroplast-localized (CP) protein HSP21 and two mitochondria-localized (MT) proteins, HSP23.5 and HSP23.6. We found that the CP protein and one of the MT proteins, HSP23.6, are evolving under purifying selection to(More)
An appreciation of the structures of the oligosaccharide chains which become attached to biomolecules (the process known as glycosylation), and their relevance to the biological function of the molecule concerned, has progressed rapidly in recent years with developments in site-selective protein glycosylation, oligosaccharide synthesis and in vivo targeting(More)
Four hundred and fiftyeight registered nurses from seven Victorian hospitals were surveyed to establish their attitudes to nursing research, their levels of research activity and whether working in a hospital with a nursing research policy influenced their attitudes and activities. The results showed that respondents had favourable attitudes to, and(More)
The majority of plasma proteins are modified by the addition of oligosaccharide chains (glycans) to their surface. The process, known as glycosylation, is responsible for introducing huge structural variation and is important in the determination of functional properties expressed by the overall glycoprotein. Glycan composition and structure can vary(More)
Directors of nursing in 29 Victorian hospitals responded to a questionnaire which sought information on their hospitals' nursing research policies, structures and education and on the level of organisational support for nursing research. One quarter of the hospitals had nursing research policies, 45% expected nurses to be involved in research, 31% had(More)
UNLABELLED A service-learning component was added to the existing preceptor practicum program at the University of North Carolina Charlotte's School of Nursing (UNCC SON) in the fall of 2007 for nursing students in the community health nursing (CHN) practicum course. OBJECTIVE The preceptorship model is commonly used in undergraduate nursing education.(More)
Methadone remains the most common form of pharmacological therapy for opioid dependence; however, there is a lack of explanation for the reports of its relatively low success rate in achieving complete abstinence. One hypothesis is that in vivo binding of methadone to the plasma glycoprotein alpha-1-acid glycoprotein (AGP), to a degree dependent on the(More)
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