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Vascular supply plays a significant role in the management of skull base tumors. The diagnosis is aided by contrast-enhanced imaging and angiographic techniques, and embolization procedures are used to devascularize certain lesions. The degree of surgical technical difficulty is strongly influenced by the degree of tumor vascularity. Although the importance(More)
BACKGROUND Studies on osteoclasts, the bone resorbing cells, have remained limited due to the lack of transgenic mice allowing the conditional knockout of genes in osteoclasts at any time during development or adulthood. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDING We report here on the generation of transgenic mice which specifically express a tamoxifen-inducible Cre(More)
Diatoms are single-celled eukaryotic microalgae that are ubiquitously found in almost all aquatic ecosystems, and are characterized by their intricately structured SiO2 (silica)-based cell walls. Diatoms with a benthic life style are capable of attaching to any natural or man-made submerged surface, thus contributing substantially to both microbial biofilm(More)
The intricate, genetically controlled biosilica nano- and micropatterns produced by diatoms are a testimony for biology's ability to control mineral formation (biomineralization) at the nanoscale and regarded as paradigm for nanotechnology. Previously, several protein families involved in diatom biosilica formation have been identified, and many of them(More)
We report a simple explant technique to isolate and propagate endothelial cells from bovine cerebral arteries. The endothelial nature of the cells was confirmed by the presence of Factor VIII/von Willebrand antigen, the ability to phagocytize low-density lipoprotein, and the ability to be induced to express E-selectin. The lack of expression of the CD11c(More)
Granule cells of the human hippocampal dentate gyrus were examined. In controls, granule cells displayed somatic spines and cell nuclei with small infoldings. In addition, the cytoplasm of human granule cells always displayed lipofuscin. Subsurface cisterns of endoplasmic reticulum were frequently observed in the human granule cells. Two types of axosomatic(More)
Prostaglandin E (PGE) has been localized via the unlabeled antibody technique in freeze-dried and ethanol-fixed cryostat sections. Discrete perivascular and stromal localization was present in the uterus prepared by the method presented, but not in classically fixed specimens. Absorption of the anti-PGE by addition of free PGE was ineffective; whereas,(More)
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