Jennifer Klatt

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Although young men who have sex with men (MSM) are at high risk for contracting HIV, few interventions address the affective/automatic factors (e.g., sexual arousal, shame/stigma) that may precipitate young MSM's risk-taking. A National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded DVD interactive video intervention that simulated a " virtual date " with guides/mentors(More)
For the purpose of an AIDS prevention game, a model was developed that focuses on training safe sex negotiations. Non-player characters in the game are socially intelligent agents that are equipped with a Theory of Mind that allows them to reason about the mental processes and behavior of others. The underlying model for the negotiation about safe sex(More)
 pointing and verbal responses to virtual content are correlated negatively to presence  perceived interaction possibilities predict perceived social presence of virtual characters  gamers´relationship status does not influence presence Abstract Presence measurements are traditionally using a variety of subjective and objective measures. However,(More)
© The copyright of each separate paper published within these proceedings remains vested in its author. Authors have assigned to ISPR 2011 organizers and ISPR (International Society for Presence Research) the on demand availability rights for their work and the right to create a derivative work from it, including conference proceedings. Abstract Presence(More)
Women are still underrepresented at the highest management levels. The think-manager-think-male phenomenon suggests that leadership is associated with male rather than female attributes. Although styling has been shown to influence the evaluation of women's leadership abilities, the relevant specific features have been left remarkably unaddressed. In a 2 ×(More)
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