Jennifer King

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— New applications for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology include embedding transponders in everyday things used by individuals, such as library books, payment cards, and personal identification cards and documents. While RFID technology has existed for decades, these new applications carry with them substantial new privacy and security risks(More)
Interest in usable security -- the research, development, and study of systems that are both usable and secure -- has been growing both in the CHI and information security communities in the past several years. Despite this interest, however, the process of designing and conducting security-related user studies remains extremely difficult. Users deal with(More)
While extant for decades in the industrial sector, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is increasingly being incorporated into everyday products and objects. This growing ubiquity brings with it security and privacy concerns for end users due to implementations that fail to adequately protect personal or identifiable data stored on RF(More)
The development of direct-acting antiviral (DAA) agents has reinvigorated the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection. The availability of multiple DAA agents and drug combinations has enabled the transition to interferon-free therapy that is applicable to a broad range of patients. However, these DAA combinations are not without drug-drug interactions(More)
Smartphone applications pose interesting security problems because the same resources they use to enhance the user experience may also be used in ways that users might find objectionable. We performed a set of experiments to study whether attribution mechanisms could help users understand how smartphone applications access device resources. First, we(More)
While there has been considerable academic work over the past decade on preserving and enhancing digital privacy, little of this scholarship has influenced practitioners in design or industry. By bringing together leading privacy academics and commercial stakeholders, this workshop builds on previous gatherings at ACM conferences and in the broader privacy(More)
BACKGROUND Paclitaxel and docetaxel are commonly used for metastatic breast cancer in the People's Republic of China. To improve the safety and efficacy of paclitaxel, an albumin-bound formulation (nab) is now available in the People's Republic of China (Abraxane(®)). To provide health economic data for the key stakeholders, a cost-utility analysis(More)