Jennifer Kellogg

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In this article, we provide guidance for substantive researchers on the use of structural equation modeling in practice for theory testing and development. We present a comprehensive, two-step modeling approach that employs a series of nested models and sequential chi-square difference tests. We discuss the comparative advantages of this approach over a(More)
We consider bargaining problems between one buyer and one seller for a single object. The seller’s valuation and the buyer’s valuation for the object are assumed to be independent random variables, and each individual’s valuation is unknown to the other. We characterize the set of allocation mechanisms that are Bayesian incentive compatible and individually(More)
This paper o®ers a new equilibrium concept for ̄nite normal form games motivated by the idea that players may have preferences which display uncertainty aversion. More speci ̄cally, it adopts the representation of preferences presented in Gilboa and Schmeidler (1989). Then an equilibrium with uncertainty aversion is de ̄ned and applied to a number of(More)
Given a real matrix Q,X:,, when is Q in the convex hull of { Y’m’},? In this paper some necessary conditions on Q-the “diagonal inequality”-are formulated and they are proved to generalize the Cohen-Falmagne conditions. A counterexample shows that the diagonal inequality is insufficient (as are hence, perforce, the Cohen-Falmagne conditions). The same(More)
High fidelity engineering simulation plays a key role in the rapidly developing field of space-based formation flying. This paper describes the design and implementation of the Formation Algorithms and Simulation Testbed (FAST). This testbed was designed to provide real-time, high-fidelity engineering simulation of multiple spacecraft operating in(More)
SYNOPSIS One of the cornerstones of financial statement analysis is the discounted cash flow valuation. Despite the broad use of this valuation technique, and the economic importance of employee stock options to firm values, there is little guidance on how employee stock options should be incorporated in a valuation. This paper provides a comprehensive(More)