Jennifer K. Binder

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Fluorescent proteins (FPs) are powerful tools that permit real-time visualization of cellular processes. The utility of a given FP for a specific experiment depends strongly on its effective brightness and overall photostability. However, the brightness of FPs is limited by dark-state conversion (DSC) and irreversible photobleaching, which occur on(More)
We characterized the effect of the first basepair on the conformational dynamics of the fluorescent dye Cy3 attached to the 5' end of double-stranded DNA using gaussian-mixture adaptive umbrella sampling simulations. In the simulations, the sampling of all five dihedral angles along the linker was enhanced, so that both stacked and unstacked states were(More)
Sliding clamps are ring-shaped oligomeric proteins that are essential for processive deoxyribonucleic acid replication. Although crystallographic structures of several clamps have been determined, much less is known about clamp structure and dynamics in solution. Here, we characterized the intrinsic solution stability and oligomerization dynamics of the(More)
Specific helix-helix interactions underpin the correct assembly of multipass membrane proteins. Here, we show that a designed buried salt bridge mediates heterodimer formation of model transmembrane helical peptides in a pH-dependent manner. The model peptides bear side chains functionalized with either a carboxylic acid or a primary amine within a(More)
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