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Drug-related stimuli, through conditioning, are thought to acquire incentive motivational properties that code possible reward availability and elicit an attentional bias, possibly through increased "bottom-up" neural processing. The processes underlying this attentional bias are considered important in the maintenance of addiction, and crucially, in(More)
In this paper we investigate the role blogs played within the context of the Egyptian revolution of early 2011 using blog data authored between 2004-2011. We conducted topic modeling analysis to gain a longitudinal view of the interaction of societal, personal and revolutionary blog topics over this period. Furthermore, a qualitative analysis of blog posts(More)
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) was among the first federal agencies to recognize the potential of the Internet for disseminating health-related information. The evolution and refinement of NCI's online cancer information has been substantially "user driven"-from the launch of CancerNet in 1995 to the recent redesign of its award-winning successor, the(More)
Much data available from on-line databases is self-reported. Because of this the quality and consistency of web available data is often suspect. This paper presents Supply Chain Diversifier, a service directory that collects and presents data from the Small Business Administration website and a number of web based subscription registries of minority(More)
Graduate Student), and all those who participated in the survey. Executive Summary This report examines the attitudes and behavior guiding those who commute to the College of Charleston. The report is based on data gathered from a campus‐wide survey conducted in spring 2011 for the Campus Greenhouse Gas Audit. Commuting is integral to campus logistics and(More)
This paper summarises the work being conducted in an ongoing research agenda focused on exploring how the 'learning design' construct can be used to support university educators to create both pedagogically sound and interoperable e-learning experiences. The premise of this work is that a learning design can be used to support the pedagogical design process(More)
This study examined the course of neuropsychological functioning in patients with chronic myelogeous leukemia (n = 91) or myelodysplastic syndrome (n = 15) who underwent standard treatment for their disease or allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) at baseline, 12 months, and 18 months post-treatment. At baseline, 23% of the participants(More)
Despite an increased understanding of nicotine addiction, there is a scarcity of research comparing the neural correlates of non-drug reward between smokers and ex-smokers. Long-term changes in reward-related brain functioning for non-drug incentives may elucidate patterns of functioning that potentially contribute to ongoing smoking behaviour in current(More)