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In this paper we investigate the role blogs played within the context of the Egyptian revolution of early 2011 using blog data authored between 2004-2011. We conducted topic modeling analysis to gain a longitudinal view of the interaction of societal, personal and revolutionary blog topics over this period. Furthermore, a qualitative analysis of blog posts(More)
A large proportion of age-related hearing loss is caused by loss or damage to outer hair cells in the organ of Corti. The organ of Corti is the mechanosensory transducing apparatus in the inner ear and is composed of inner hair cells, outer hair cells, and highly specialized supporting cells. The mechanisms that regulate differentiation of inner and outer(More)
Tune deafness (TD) is a central auditory processing disorder characterized by the inability to discriminate pitch, reproduce melodies or to recognize deviations in melodic structure, in spite of normal hearing. The cause of the disorder is unknown. To identify a pathophysiological marker, we ascertained a group of severely affected TD patients using the(More)
Gastric and colorectal cancers (GC and CRC) have poor prognosis and are resistant to chemo- and/or radiotherapy. In the present study, the prophylactic effects of dendritic cell (DC) vaccination are evaluated on disease progression and clinical benefits in a group of 54 GC and CRC patients treated with DC immunotherapy combined with cytokine-induced killer(More)
Much data available from on-line databases is self-reported. Because of this the quality and consistency of web available data is often suspect. This paper presents Supply Chain Diversifier, a service directory that collects and presents data from the Small Business Administration website and a number of web based subscription registries of minority(More)
The goal of this study was accurate quantification of the amplitude of high-frequency components of physiological tremor (PT) in units of displacement, velocity, and acceleration. In addition, changes of amplitude with finger loading were compared within specific frequency bands. Index finger tremor was measured for 20 healthy subjects using a(More)
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) was among the first federal agencies to recognize the potential of the Internet for disseminating health-related information. The evolution and refinement of NCI's online cancer information has been substantially "user driven"-from the launch of CancerNet in 1995 to the recent redesign of its award-winning successor, the(More)
We sought to determine whether ambient temperature (T(a)) affects gonadal function by altering the rate at which circadian rhythms entrain to short day lengths. Syrian hamsters were housed in cages where they received 14 h of light per day ("long days," 14L) at 22 degrees C. Hamsters were then transferred to cages to receive 10 h of light per day ("short(More)
The developmental and reproductive biology of a new species of predatory Franklinothrips was determined in the laboratory at three constant temperatures. At the intermediate experimental temperature (25°C), Franklinothrips n. sp. exhibited the greatest larval to adult survivorship, and mated females produced more progeny of which a greater proportion were(More)
  • P Brian Fisher, Erin Mcadams, Lindsey Graham, Jennifer Jones, Adam Brunelle
  • 2011
Graduate Student), and all those who participated in the survey. Executive Summary This report examines the attitudes and behavior guiding those who commute to the College of Charleston. The report is based on data gathered from a campus‐wide survey conducted in spring 2011 for the Campus Greenhouse Gas Audit. Commuting is integral to campus logistics and(More)