Jennifer James

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During early embryogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster, extensive vesicle transport occurs to build cell boundaries for 6,000 nuclei. Here we show that this important process depends on a functional complex formed between the tumour suppressor and adaptor protein Discs-Large (Dlg) and the integral membrane protein Strabismus (Stbm)/Van Gogh (Vang). In(More)
Commodity levies are used increasingly to fund producer collective goods such as research and promotion. In the present paper we examine theoretical relationships between producer and national benefits from levy-funded research, and consider the implications for the appropriate rates of matching government grants, applied with a view to achieving a closer(More)
The structure of U.S. agricultural production changed dramatically during the 20 th Century. Major technological innovations transformed the relationship between agricultural inputs and outputs, and contributed to rapid increases in agricultural productivity. However, evidence is mounting that suggests we have entered a new era, with substantially lower(More)
Agricultural research has transformed agriculture and in doing so contributed to the transformation of economies. Economic issues arise because agricultural research is subject to various market fail­ ures, because the resulting innovations and technological changes have important economic consequences for net income and its distri­ bution, and because the(More)
for their assistance in preparing this report. We also thank Clive James and Su Ching for providing data and Beatriz Avalos Sartorio, Derek Byerlee and two anonymous reviewers for helpful comments on prior versions of this report. The CGIAR Science Council was the principal source of funding for this work, with additional support from the HarvestChoice(More)
Three-dimensional virtual learning environments (3DVLEs), such as Second Life, have been used in education for some time. Although many writers have addressed where, how, and why 3DVLEs are applied in education, only a few articles have concentrated on the coalface of running a learning project within them. This paper looks at the experience of using Second(More)
Constitutive activation of the Rearranged during Transfection (RET) proto-oncogene leads to the development of MEN2A medullary thyroid cancer (MTC). The relatively clear genotype/phenotype relationship seen with RET mutations and the development of MEN2A is unusual in the fact that a single gene activity can drive the progression towards metastatic disease.(More)