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To bring new antibacterial drugs to the market is challenging because discovery of new agents is difficult, two large trials per indication are needed in accordance with traditional regulatory requirements, and the economic reward is limited if the use of new antibiotics is constrained. These challenges have resulted in an alarmingly thin antibiotic(More)
2010 c ⃝ 2010 Il " Memming " Park 2 Dedicated to Kurt Gödel 3 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It would be only appropriate to thank my advisor Dr. José Carlos Santos Carvalho Príncipe first for his guidance and lessons not only for research but for life in general. A lot of people helped me get through my journey of graduate school, and perhaps my attempt to properly thank(More)
Author's abstract How should doctors respond to requests from parents of terminally ill children for unproven treatments to be tried? Here it is argued that doctors faced with difficult cases where (1) it is not obviously against a child's interests to undergo an unproven treatment and (2) provided the treatment does not draw extravagantly on NHSfunds, it(More)
Models of propulsion motors, generators, gas turbines, and power converters are used to determine weights and volumes, evaluate designs, and predict performance of power system components for all-electric navy ships. The finite element analysis method using 3D CAD models is used to validate designs and predict performance under prescribed constraints that(More)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), organized in 1970, has evolved into an agency that establishes national policies and manages and conserves our oceanic, coastal, and atmospheric resources. An organizational element within NOAA, the Office of Fisheries is responsible for fisheries policy and the direction of the National Marine(More)