Jennifer J Propst

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Graduate nurses experience stress transitioning from student to practicing professional nurse, moving from a familiar educational environment into the workforce, where expectations are to rapidly function as a competent nurse. This study identified the stresses and challenges experienced by cohorts of graduate nurses working in 6 acute care hospitals,(More)
BACKGROUND Community-acquired (CA), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections among children are increasing in the United States. At Texas Children's Hospital (TCH), surveillance has been in place since August 2001. The objectives of this study were to describe the distribution of CA S. aureus among patients at TCH and to study genomic(More)
Pompe disease, especially in its infantile form, is a fatal disease. Most of the patients with this disease synthesize a nonfunctional form of the enzyme alpha glucosidase (GAA), the deficient enzyme in this disease. Patients producing some amount of this protein are labeled as cross-reactive immunologic material (CRIM)-positive. Few of them are unable to(More)
EMG and bandlimited noise (BLN) signals of comparable spectra were processed to compute the centroid and median frequencies and the high/low ratio for different record lengths, signal amplitudes, and noise bandwidths. The spectral moments of EMG and BLN showed similar statistical properties, independent of record length and amplitude. The signal-to-noise(More)
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