Jennifer J Andrews

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Three experiments investigated the effects of immediate and delayed postsession feeding on progressive-ratio and variable-interval schedule performance in rats. During Experiments 1 and 2, immediate postsession feeding decreased the breakpoint, or largest completed ratio, under progressive-ratio schedules. Experiment 3 was conducted to extend the results of(More)
The complement-fixation test (CFT), a latex-agglutination test (LAT), and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae isolation procedures were compared with gross and microscopic lung evaluations for the routine diagnosis of mycoplasmal pneumonia (MP) of swine. The difficulty and variability of M hyopneumoniae isolation rendered this technique unacceptable. In market-weight(More)
Inhaled anesthesia delivery systems (ADS) have evolved in the past 20 years from simple pneumatic machines to complex computer-controlled devices. For the purposes of this discussion, we will outline some of the potential complications that may result from the use of these systems. Because of the complexity of modern ADS, it is incumbent on the(More)
The influence of recombinant bovine interferon gamma (rBoIFN-gamma) treatment on resistance of clinically normal and dexamethasone-treated calves to Haemophilus somnus infection was evaluated. Four groups of 6 calves each were treated with saline solution (controls), dexamethasone (0.04 mg/kg of body weight/for 3 days), rBoIFN-gamma (2 micrograms/kg for 2(More)
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