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This article provides both a conceptual overview of pricing health care services and two pricing strategy examples. The overview addresses the underlying concepts of pricing, the factors that influence it, and the risk continuum of pricing approaches. The pricing strategy examples highlight some of the issues and considerations involved in pricing services(More)
Although most experts believe that capitation and financial risk-sharing among providers will become key components of the U.S. healthcare system, providers may not feel the full effect of this shift for several years. In the interim, providers must operate under an activity-based payment system that rewards them for the volume of patients seen, while(More)
In recent years, healthcare providers have expended a great deal of energy on merger, affiliation, and acquisition activities. Before entering into any of these arrangements, however, healthcare executives should answer the question: "Does my organization need to join with others to survive and thrive?"
Hospitals seek trauma center designation to enhance prestige, improve market share, increase financial return, enhance their teaching function, and support their mission. Unfortunately, for most hospitals, trauma centers create significant increases in capital and operating costs. The best way to determine the direct financial effect of trauma center(More)