Jennifer Hayes

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This study objectively measured physical activity levels in overweight and obese adults with severe mental illness and examined relationships among psychiatric symptoms, cognitive functioning and physical activity. A diverse sample (50% female, 50% African American) of overweight and obese adults (n=55) with mental illness were asked to wear accelerometers(More)
Several case reports have engendered concern about the safety of coadministering lithium and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants and there are theoretical reasons to suppose that lithium and serotonergic antidepressants may be associated with dangerous interactions. Systematic reports regarding combination therapy with lithium and(More)
To assess the effectiveness of an intervention to reduce the calorie content of meals served at two psychiatric rehabilitation programs. Intervention staff assisted kitchen staff with ways to reduce calories and improve the nutritional quality of meals. Breakfast and lunch menus were collected before and after a 6-month intervention period. ESHA software(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper describes a pilot study of reliability in the risk assessment of people with mental health problems. Specifically, we explore the evidence for professional and gender bias in ratings, in addition to the general level of agreement between raters. METHOD Six professional groups (psychiatrists, junior psychiatric doctors, nurses,(More)
A. (2015). Emotion as a necessary component of threat-induced death-thought accessibility and worldview defense. (2014). Bicultural terror management: Identity hybridity moderates the effect of mortality salience on biculturals' familiarity versus novelty seeking tendency. (2014). Following and resisting body image ideals in advertising: The moderating role(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research found that pre-teenage ability to derive arbitrary 'same', 'opposite', 'more', and 'less' relations correlated with measured intelligence quotient (IQ) and that training this derived relational responding (DRR) skill produced substantial IQ rises. AIMS This study extended previous work by comparing the effects of DRR training(More)
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