Jennifer Halley

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In order to predict extinction risk in the presence of reddened, or correlated, environmental variability, fluctuating parameters may be represented by the family of 1/f noises, a series of stochastic models with different levels of variation acting on different timescales. We compare the process of parameter estimation for three 1/f models (white, pink and(More)
Protein A chromatography is a near-ubiquitous method of mAb capture in bioprocesses. The use of low pH buffer for elution from protein A is known to contribute to product aggregation. Yet, a more limited set of evidence suggests that low pH may not be the sole cause of aggregation in protein A chromatography, rather, other facets of the process may(More)
We examined the asymptotic rate of population extinction beta when the population experiences density-dependent population regulation, demographic stochasticity, and environmental stochasticity. We assume discrete-generation population dynamics, in which some parameters fluctuate between years. The fluctuation of parameters can be of any magnitude,(More)
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