Jennifer H. Nguyen

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The thrust of the NEMI project on Fiber Optic Signal Performance was to develop fiber optics inspection criteria, which may support differing requirements based on application. The tests' resulting data would provide OEM incoming quality and cable suppliers with specific cleanliness requirements with supporting data. Potentially, the inspection criteria(More)
The ever rising popularity of online social networks has not only attracted much attention from everyday users but also from academic researchers. In particular, research has been done to investigate the effect of social influence on users' actions on items in the network. However, all social influence research in the data-mining field has been done in a(More)
Copper amine oxidases (CAOs) are a large family of proteins that use molecular oxygen to oxidize amines to aldehydes with the concomitant production of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. CAOs utilize two cofactors for this reaction: topaquinone (TPQ) and a Cu(II) ion. Two mechanisms for oxygen reduction have been proposed for these enzymes. In one mechanism(More)
  • HYMES, K. SMEKALIN, +9 authors W. SANDS
  • 1999
A previously published planarization monitor which had been applied to oxide CMP is extended to the copper system to investigate pattern dependencies during copper overburden planarization. Conventional profilometry and a noncontact, acousto-optic measurement tool, the Insite 300, are utilized to quantify the planarization performance in terms of the(More)
We present a polarization-sensitive, transport-rigorous perturbation Monte Carlo (pMC) method to model the impact of optical property changes on reflectance measurements within a discrete particle scattering model. The model consists of three log-normally distributed populations of Mie scatterers that approximate biologically relevant cervical tissue(More)
A convenient one-pot synthesis of chelating bis-N-heterocyclic carbene-ligated P(I) salts is described. The solid state structures of these remarkably stable phosphamethine cyanine dyes with various N-alkyl groups and counter-anions are reported, and initial reactivity results are discussed.
  • V S Beauvais, M Guipont, +190 authors J Angulo
  • 2014
Articles de revues internationales avec comité de lecture 1. and analysis of the fragmented grains in a composite material", segmentation of multiphoton images: a key step for the quantification of human skin" Communications à des conférences internationales avec comité de lecture et actes 1. simulation of porosity in plasma-sprayed alumina using(More)
This paper describes an extension of the perturbation Monte Carlo method to model light transport when the phase function is arbitrarily perturbed. Current perturbation Monte Carlo methods allow perturbation of both the scattering and absorption coefficients, however, the phase function can not be varied. The more complex method we develop and test here is(More)
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