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and the United States. It finds that B2B e-commerce seems to be driven by global forces, whereas B2C seems to be more of a local phenomenon. A preliminary explanation for this difference is that B2B is driven by global competition and MNCs that " push " e-commerce to their global suppliers , customers, and subsidiaries. This in turn creates pressures on(More)
A b s t r a c t To gain a better understanding of the global diffusion of e-business among organizations in developed and developing countries and to investigate the relationships among e-business contexts, economic environment, and organizational adoption, we conducted a firm-level survey in two countries — the United States and China — and tested a(More)
This study investigates self-presentation strategies among online dating participants, exploring how participants manage their online presentation of self in order to accomplish the goal of finding a romantic partner. Thirty-four individuals active on a large online dating site participated in telephone interviews about their online dating experiences and(More)
This article develops and tests a model examining the relationship between firm globalization, scope of e-commerce use, and firm performance, using data from a large-scale crosscountry survey of firms from three industries. We find that globalization leads to both greater scope of e-commerce use and improved performance, measured as efficiency,(More)
This study explores the ways in which the affordances of social media not only increase open communication and knowledge sharing, but also promote covert behavior, creating dialectical tensions for distributed workers that must be communicatively managed. Drawing on a case study of the engineering division of a distributed high tech start-up, we find our(More)
Keywords: Computer-mediated communication Facebook Online deliberation SIDE theory Social media YouTube a b s t r a c t This manuscript aims to assess the potential of social media as a channel to foster democratic deliberation. It does this by examining whether the types of discussions that citizens maintain in two of the most used social media channels(More)
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