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In this article we introduce a novel technology that utilizes specialized water dissolvable thin films for valving in centrifugal microfluidic systems. In previous work (William Meathrel and Cathy Moritz, IVD Technologies, 2007), dissolvable films (DFs) have been assembled in laminar flow devices to form efficient sacrificial valves where DFs simply open by(More)
Historically unresolved diagnostic questions regarding the borderline diagnosis and its relationship to schizophrenia are explored. Is the borderline syndrome a subvariant of schizophrenia or does it constitute a distinct diagnostic entity in its own right with specific, common, and identifiable features which set this group of patients off from others?(More)
This work describes the first use of a wireless paired emitter detector diode device (PEDD) as an optical sensor for water quality monitoring in a lab-on-a-disc device. The microfluidic platform, based on an ionogel sensing area combined with a low-cost optical sensor, is applied for quantitative pH and qualitative turbidity monitoring of water samples at(More)
Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder in which patient sleep patterns are disrupted due to recurrent pauses in breathing or by instances of abnormally low breathing. Current gold standard tests for the detection of apnea events are costly and have the addition of long waiting times. This paper investigates the use of cheap and easy to use sensors for the(More)
AIMS Staging laparoscopy has been recommended in the management of patients with colorectal liver metastases prior to hepatectomy in order to reduce the incidence and associated morbidity of futile laparotomies. The utility of staging laparoscopy has not been assessed in patients undergoing CT, PET-CT and MRI as standard preoperative staging. METHODS All(More)
This paper demonstrates the full centrifugal microfluidic integration and automation of all liquid handling steps of a 7-step fluorescence-linked immunosorbent assay (FLISA) for quantifying nitrate and nitrite levels in whole blood within about 15 min. The assay protocol encompasses the extraction of metered plasma, the controlled release of sample and(More)
The three-year-old's mode of expressing separation distress, observed during nursery school adaptation, was explored in relation to parental child-care styles. The father-child relationship and the nature of parental differences were associated with the quality of nursery school adjustment, as illustrated by case reports. Implications for a broad(More)
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