Jennifer F Walsh

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After injury to the CNS, the anatomical organization of the tissue is disrupted, posing a barrier to the regeneration of axons. Meningeal cells, a central participant in the CNS tissue response to injury, migrate into the core of the wound site in an unorganized fashion and deposit a disorganized extracellular matrix (ECM) that produces a nonpermissive(More)
Local environmental features can shape hybrid zone dynamics when hybrids are bounded by ecotones or when patchily distributed habitat types lead to a corresponding mosaic of genotypes. We investigated the role of marsh-level characteristics in shaping a hybrid zone between two recently diverged avian taxa - Saltmarsh (Ammodramus caudacutus) and Nelson's (A.(More)
Studies of hybridization and introgression and, in particular, the identification of admixed individuals in natural populations benefit from the use of diagnostic genetic markers that reliably differentiate pure species from each other and their hybrid forms. Such diagnostic markers are often infrequent in the genomes of closely related species, and(More)
Evolutionary processes, including selection and differential fitness, shape the introgression of genetic material across a hybrid zone, resulting in the exchange of some genes but not others. Differential introgression of molecular or phenotypic markers can thus provide insight into factors contributing to reproductive isolation. We characterized patterns(More)
Adult female Simulium yahense were identified amongst catches of S. damnosum s. 1. caught at Tsatsadu Falls and Wegbe in south-eastern Ghana. Dissections of stained flies to assess the species' role as a vector of onchocerciasis in the region revealed as many as 357 L3 per 1000 biting flies in a sample from Wegbe. When the data from the two sites were(More)
The position of a retained root for preservation of a ridge requires modification of the design of a distal-extension removable partial denture on the side of the retained root. A model with silicone rubber over the ridges and simulated retained roots was fabricated. A framework with mesial rests, distal proximal plates, and I-bar clasp arms was fitted to(More)
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