Jennifer Esposito

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CONTEXT Although the rise in overweight and obesity in the United States is well documented, long-term weight loss maintenance (LTWLM) has been minimally explored. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to estimate the prevalence and correlates of LTWLM among US adults. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS We examined weight data from 14 306 participants (age(More)
The rate and pattern of glucose metabolism, basal lipolysis, and intracellular concentration of free fatty acids were determined in isolated epididymal fat cell preparations (mean volume 30-800 pl) from rats on the basis of fat cell number and in relation to the cell volume. The effects of increasing glucose concentrations in the medium and of insulin on(More)
The effect of varying the amount of dietary magnesium on the development of hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive (SH) rats was investigated with three diets containing 1.05% (H1Mg diet), 0.52% (H2Mg diet), and 0.008% (LMg diet). The control group was given a diet containing a normal amount of magnesium (0.2%). When the diet was sufficiently(More)
Resting blood flow was measured in isolated, innervated, epigastric fat-pads of 27 male rabbits during growth in the 1st yr of life and found to vary widely in range (7.6-28.1 ml/100 g tissue per min). Definition of adipose tissue composition and of fat-cell size and number made it possible to explain the wide range of flow and to identify two types of(More)
This study evaluated the effects of propofol on somatosensory evoked cortical potentials in 20 ASA grade 1 or 2 patients who underwent spinal surgery. Anaesthesia consisted of propofol, dextromoramide, 50% nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture. The induction dose of propofol was 2 mg/kg and was followed by an infusion of 6 mg/kg for the first hour and 3 mg/kg(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the quality of postanaesthetic recovery after anaesthesia with methohexitone (M) or with propofol (P). Thirty patients undergoing spinal surgery were randomly assigned to either group. The induction dose was 2 mg . kg-1 for both M and P. Anaesthesia was maintained by continuous infusion. The rate was 0.15 mg . kg-1 .(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the number and type of patients, who could be managed on a day-care basis in a University Hospital. Cases of ambulatory anaesthesia (AA) which could be managed in optimal conditions and current AA practice. To assess patients' opinion on inpatient or outpatient practices. STUDY DESIGN Prospective survey over 8 weeks in 21 medical(More)
This article explores issues surrounding teaching for social justice in urban schools. Using qualitative methods, our study examined the ways in which seven urban teachers used culturally relevant pedagogy as a mechanism for teaching for social justice. We found that by adhering to the tenets of culturally relevant pedagogy (e.g. personal accountability and(More)
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