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We have developed an innovative search interface that allows non-expert users to move through large information spaces in a flexible manner without feeling lost. The design goal was to offer users a " browsing the shelves " experience seamlessly integrated with focused search. Key to achieving our goal is the explicit exposure of hierarchical faceted(More)
One of the most pressing usability issues in the design of large web sites is that of the organization of search results. A previous study on a moderate-sized web site indicated that users understood and preferred dynamically organized faceted metadata over standard search. We are now examining how to scale this approach to very large collections, since it(More)
What constitutes a good user interface for search? It can be helpful to think about search needs along a conceptual continuum that corresponds to the type of answers users are looking for. This continuum ranges from directed search to informal browsing to text mining and analysis. Consider for example the following questions that a user might ask of a large(More)
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