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Progress in plant molecular biology has depended heavily on the availability of effective vectors for plant cell transformation and heterologous expression. In this paper we describe the structures of a wide array of plasmids which have proved extremely effective in (a) plant transformation, (b) expression of heterologous genes and (c) assaying the activity(More)
The genomic sequences of three bronze alleles from Zea mays, Bz-McC, Bz-W22 and bz-R, are presented together with their flanking sequences. The bronze locus encodes UDPglucose flavonoid glucosyl-transferase (UFGT), an anthocyanin biosynthetic enzyme. The wild-type alleles Bz-McC and Bz-W22 condition purple phenotypes in the seed and plant, while bz-R(More)
Chromosome breakage in maize can result from an interaction between certain transposable elements. When an Ac (Activator) element and a state I Ds (Dissociation) element are present together in the genome, either linked or unlinked, breaks occur regularly at the locus of the Ds element. We show here that breaks occur with high frequency at or near the locus(More)
We are developing a system for isolating tomato genes by transposon mutagenesis. In maize and tobacco, the transposon Activator (Ac) transposes preferentially to genetically linked sites. To identify transposons linked to various target genes, we have determined the RFLP map locations of Ac- and Dissociation (Ds)-carrying T-DNAs in a number of(More)
The self-mobile maize transposable element Ac (Activator) displays two trans-acting genetic functions: it induces transposition of the element Ds (Dissociation) but, as its dosage is increased, it also inhibits transposition. Previous work has shown that the 4563 base pair (bp)-long Ac element contains three open reading frames (ORF's) and that a deletion(More)
We have developed an innovative search interface that allows non-expert users to move through large information spaces in a flexible manner without feeling lost. The design goal was to offer users a " browsing the shelves " experience seamlessly integrated with focused search. Key to achieving our goal is the explicit exposure of hierarchical faceted(More)
One of the most pressing usability issues in the design of large web sites is that of the organization of search results. A previous study on a moderate-sized web site indicated that users understood and preferred dynamically organized faceted metadata over standard search. We are now examining how to scale this approach to very large collections, since it(More)
Our objective was to test whether the double Ds structure correlated with Dissociation state I activity (i.e., high frequency of chromosome breakage and low frequency of reversion) in maize exhibited similar properties in tobacco. A genetic assay was established to test double Ds and related structures for their ability to cause loss of the linked marker(More)
A fusion of the strong cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter to the Activator (Ac) transposase (TPASE) gene does not trigger excision of Dissociation (Ds) continuously during tobacco cotyledon development, although once activated, the 35S promoter remains active throughout embryogeny. Epistasis studies where 35S:TPASE is in trans with later-acting fusions(More)