Jennifer Edmond

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Numerous uses of fibrin glue as a sealant, hemostatic agent, and adhesive have been reported. We developed a simple method of preparing autologous fibrin glue for skin-graft fixation. Fifty patients have undergone the autologous fibrin glue technique for trauma, burns, and difficult wounds. The mean area grafted was 237 cm2 (range 50 to 700 cm2), and grafts(More)
Carpal tunnel compression syndrome caused by a retracted divided sublimus tendon has been presented. The case presented here represents another cause of carpal tunnel compression syndrome. With resection of the space-occupying retracted and scarred sublimis tendon, the symptoms of median nerve compression remitted. Considering the large volume of hand(More)
Since modern tissue expansion was introduced in 1976, it has proved to be a safe and effective technique for obtaining extra tissue where traditionally distant flaps and grafts had been used. However, the lengthy expansion times and prolonged gross deformity of conventional expansion protocols have often deterred both physician and patient from choosing(More)