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Combinatorial Histone Readout by the Dual Plant Homeodomain (PHD) Fingers of Rco1 Mediates Rpd3S Chromatin Recruitment and the Maintenance of Transcriptional Fidelity*
The plant homeodomain (PHD) finger is found in many chromatin-associated proteins and functions to recruit effector proteins to chromatin through its ability to bind both methylated and unmethylatedExpand
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Current Risk Stratification Systems Are Not Generalizable across Surgical Technique in Midline Ventral Hernia Repair
Background: Current ventral hernia repair risk estimation tools focus on patient comorbidities with the goal of improving clinical outcomes through improved patient selection. However, theirExpand
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Implant Porosity and the Foreign Body Response
Summary: The biocompatibility of prosthetic mesh is dependent on a number of physicochemical properties that ultimately incite an optimal foreign body response. The magnitude and character of theExpand
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Abstract: Reliable Complex Abdominal Wall Hernia Repairs with a Narrow Well-Fixed Retrorectus Polypropylene Mesh: A Review of over 100 Consecutive Cases
In studies examining metaidoioplasty, average study size and follow-up was 50.9 patients and 4.6 years (2 studies did not report [NR] these metrics). 88% had a single-stage reconstruction (1 NR), 87%Expand
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Reliable complex abdominal wall hernia repairs with a narrow, well-fixed retrorectus polypropylene mesh: A review of over 100 consecutive cases.
BACKGROUND Our objective was to determine outcomes for complex ventral hernia repairs in a large cohort of patients utilizing an operative construct employing retrorectus placement of a narrow,Expand
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A Novel Application of Digital Microscope for Microsurgery Training
This study describes and assesses a novel application of a digital microscope compatible with smart devices which can consistently and reliably magnify microsurgical fields. Expand